Our Mission

Tandem Collective facilitates collaborative projects grown out of local communities that celebrate culture, foster cooperation and inspire change. Our current projects include Tandem Festival,  Ethno England, InTandem Publications and Tandem Sundays.

We are a Community Interest Company

We are first and foremost a group of friends who came together with a shared vision for an intimate music festival that provides the opportunity for the incredible Community Action Groups around Oxfordshire to come together to tackle environmental and social issues. We are now a Community Interest Company, Tandem Oxford CIC, and we have recently formed our first volunteer Board of Directors to guide the organisation through the exciting times to come!

How are we unique?

–   We work within local communities & are closely linked with what is happening around Oxfordshire

–  We work with a range of artistic mediums including music, dance, written word, & visual art

–  Our projects always fuse art with environmental& social issues

–  Our projects are always collaborative

–  We celebrate diversity, bringing different groups of people & cultures together

–  We are adaptable, flexible & responsive

–  We focus on the quality of the artistic experience for everyone involved

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