Our Mission

Tandem Collective, founded in 2014, is a not-for-profit CIC based in Oxford that believes the arts have a powerful role to play in enacting positive change on social and environmental issues. Tandem has grown out of a network of committed volunteers who came together to create the first Tandem Festival in 2014. Tandem is now an organisation reaching beyond the festival to create and facilitate inspiring, nourishing and developmental events and activities throughout the year.

Tandem Collective manages a wide range of events and collaborative projects which fuse volunteering opportunities, workshops, talks and skill-sharing with creative mediums including music, art, theatre, literature, cinema and dance. Our key projects are Ethno England, Tandem Skills Camp, InTandem with…, InTandem Publications and Tandem Festival. Tandem facilitates collaborations between artists, researchers, activists and campaign groups on local, national and international scales.

Our Story

Tandem Collective’s volunteer roots give us robust local networks and knowledge, crucial to achieving our aims. This is reinforced by our role as a Community Action Group (CAG), facilitating events and spaces for other CAGs to come together, share skills, resources, and build resilience in the wider community. Our projects have strong community and local business support across Oxfordshire, and have given us a good understanding of environmental and social issues in the area. We are also an adult education provider in partnership with Abingdon & Witney College.

We are grounded in our community, but we are also constantly looking at how we fit into the wider picture and how we can develop partnerships that build resilience and community with national and international artists and organisations – examples of this include being a member of the ArtCop21 network, Powerful Thinking and part of ‘Season for Change’ in partnership with Artsadmin and Julie’s Bicycle.

How are we unique?

–  We are almost exclusively volunteer-run

– We work within local communities & are closely linked with what is happening around Oxfordshire

–  We work with a range of artistic mediums including music, dance, written word, & visual art

–  Our projects always fuse art with environmental & social issues

–  Our projects are always collaborative

–  We celebrate diversity, bringing different groups of people & cultures together

–  We are adaptable, flexible & responsive

–  We focus on the quality of the artistic experience for everyone involved

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