Join our volunteer team for a beautiful, eco-friendly week camping in the rolling green hills of the English countryside on site at Ethno England and Tandem Festival. You will be dealing with everyday duties, such as cooking, tidying and organising, as well as supporting our 20 Ethno participants in creating an ephemeral world music orchestra.

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We are looking for volunteers with a positive and proactive attitude, who feel excited about being part of the Ethno family. As well as gaining experience in running a unique international music camp you will receive a free ticket to the wonderful Tandem festival, which takes place at the end of Ethno England, 21-23 June. There are various jobs that need to be covered during the Ethno week, but there will also be plenty of free time to play music, make friends and experience the Ethno magic. You will work independently or as part of a team, following a daily schedule. As a volunteer, you are not guaranteed to take part in the workshops or the Ethno band but nonetheless, you will have a unique experience characterised by music, friendship and inspiration.

Ethno England Tour 2019
After Ethno England have spent a week together in Oxfordshire (14-23 June) we are taking the Ethno band on a tour around the British Isles, in celebration of global culture, welcome and exchange, showing the UK what global culture can bring and show visitors that there is a warm welcome for you here. If you have a car, and/or a driving license and would be interested in coming along, please mention it in the application form.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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