Our volunteers are the backbone of Tandem Festival: in 2014 and 2015 the entire festival was run by over 55 volunteers who helped us promote, build and run the festival. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, with many of them being students in Oxford. Examples of student-volunteer jobs include: contacting and engaging college green-reps to promote the festival and its ideals to Oxford students; building our budget and cashflow worksheets on Excel; bringing in Oxford graduates, post-grads and Professors to give talks, workshops and guided walks; evaluating the festival’s impact through M&E thanks to Oxford University’s micro-internship programme; building the various structures needed for the festival; coordinating the festival; and writing submissions for InTandem Publication.


Community Collaborators

Here are some of the Oxford-based organisations and artists that Tandem partnered with over the last three years and continues to collaborate with:












Various spin-off collaborations have come about as a result of Tandem Festival. Two examples are Re-Resonate, an Oxford-based organisation that is now installed full-time at Hill End and is working on their ‘Sound Garden’, and Think Tiny, also Oxford-based, who have built a house made entirely of pallets in the Hill End grounds.

Part of a Movement

By bringing community groups and artists together, our aim is to attract new audiences to environmental issues by making them accessible and engaging. We are part of a wider, international movement of artists addressing environmental issues. This broader reach is our central aim and our biggest challenge. Under the title ‘Oxford in June’, we are now working with a number of other socially and environmentally-minded events happening in June to share resources (sponsorship, marketing etc.) and address this issue of broadening participation, these include: Oxford Science Festival, Low Carbon Oxford Week, Oxford Festival of Nature, Oxford Bike Week, Flo Fest. In 2015, in collaboration with Low Carbon Oxford, we set up the Tandem Oxford Community Interest Company (CIC).


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