We've been asked many times what the secret ingredient is to making Tandem Festival such a special & welcoming event. The answer is simple: our wonderful team of volunteers!

SamuelVolunteer Coordinator Sam is currently involved in Tandem for the Communication and Marketing team, and also as the Volunteer Coordinator. Samuel has worked for several music festivals and also for street art festivals where he was a skillful Assistant Event Manager, working with large teams of volunteers, artists and providers. He is totally into music and film production and is currently working on his own video project.
LucilleTandem Festival CoordinatorWhen she is not playing the Ukulele on her bike, you'll find Lulu swimming or making coffee at Silvie. She has just finished her BA at Oxford Brookes University & is super excited to put her energy into Tandem! Watch out for her, she'll probably seduce you into Silvie for some lovely coffee.
LouVolunteer CoordinatorAfter hitchhiking around Europe, Lou always seemed to end up at Tandem doing various things: making chaï, decorating stages, sitting (& chatting) at the car park, cutting mushrooms, dancing, dancing. This year, she decided to take her volunteering role further by helping out in the coordination. Happy barista, aspiring teacher in alternative education, always daydreaming about faraway places.
RomainBar CoordinatorBarman, barista, cyclist & more French than France, Romain is really proud to be the new Bar Coordinator & really happy to be part of the Tandem Festival 2017 adventure! After almost 15 years playing guitar in metal bands, & many jobs in France, he has found his way in hospitality through his job at the gastro-pub The Old Bookbinders & Peloton Espresso (Oxford). Allez, allez, get on the Tandem with me!
Nina Co-founder & InTandem Coordinator Nina is co-founder of Tandem Collective and launched InTandem in 2014. She is also helping coordinate the new Tandem CIC Board. Her professional background is in film production, business management and retail in a cooperative, not for profit environment. She is currently Assistant Producer on her second film, Close, in partnership with Jewson Film, & is writing a novel set in medieval Oxford.
SophieMarketing CoordinatorSophie has recently joined the Tandem Festival team as a marketing coordinator. As a recent graduate, she dreams to work as a social media guru, a museum curator or a school librarian. For now, she tries to spread the Tandem magic by writing bad jokes in newsletters & eating lots of freshly baked cakes. She is also a music journalist for a French webzine.
CayennaBoard Chair & Music Coordinator Cayenna is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Tandem Collective. She is a postdoc researcher on an AHRC project in the University of Oxford Music, Transforming 19th-Century HIP, as well as an orchestral conductor, percussionist & composer, dedicated to bringing awareness to humanitarian & environmental issues through the commissioning & performance of orchestral music.
LaurenEthno England CoordinatorLauren got involved after playing at Tandem 2014, & now runs Ethno England in collaboration with the festival, as well as helping programme music. She looks after lots of community projects in Oxford, mostly focussing on musical education as a means for social change, & bringing people from different cultures together through music & food.
NikòCo-Founder & Music Co-ordinator Musician & Sound Engineer, Nicholas is co-founder of Tandem Collective. The idea for the first Tandem Festival came out of his cycling tour of Europe recording musicians (Record & Ride), where upon his return he wanted to bring all the wonderful people he met together. He now runs his own production company Upcycled Sounds and plays in various Oxford bands. He is currently living in a caravan which is to become a transportable solar-powered recording studio!
HarrietWellbeing Coordinator
SianTraders Coordinator
PaulWebsite Guru
DotTandem Lover
FrankieWellbeing Coordinator
HannahTwitter Master

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